Here at Alchester Tiles and Bathrooms, we stock a variety of shower types, and we're confident we will have the right shape, style and size for your bathroom.

A compact Square shower is a traditional yet simple choice, perfect for smaller bathrooms.

Square Enclosure

For something different to our Square and Rectangle Enclosures, these curved shower enclosures work in a variety of bathroom shapes and styles.

Quadrant Enclosure

In need of more space while you shower, look no further than our rectangle shower enclosures - ideal for larger bathrooms and wet-wall installations.

Rectangle Shower Enclosure

Give your bathroom a Contemporary minimalistic look with one of our walk in showers. We also have great options with enhanced accessibility for those with disabilites or pets.

Walk-in Shower Enclosure


Choosing the right shower for your bathroom can make a huge difference to the ergonomics of your showering experience, not to mention the aesthetics of it. Learn more about the different types of shower setups and valve combinations below.

Mixer Showers

Truly the traditional choice, a mixer shower combines your hot water from your boiler and your mains cold water with a valve. They can flow higher amounts of water than electric showers, reliably resulting in a stong stream of water from your shower. There are thermostatic options that allow better regulation of temperature, which is ideal for households where other people may be using water at the same time you use the shower.

Electric and Digital Showers

We offer ultra-modern smart showers that can integrate with smart-home automation and be effortlessly customised to suit your needs and be eco-friendly by saving water. Electric showers are ideal for family bathrooms as they ensure a consisitent water temprature every time, even if your boiler runs out of hot water briefly.

2/3 Outlet Showers

If you want the ultimate in showering, a multi-outlet shower is the choice for you. These options are flexible, often with a top-down rain style shower head combined with a hand-held shower for ease of use.

Concealed Valve Showers

The ultimate in space saving showering is a concealed valve design, where all pipework and valves are concealed in your shower wall, with only simple controls and the showerheads themselves accessible to the user. They're perfect for minimalist designs as well, with a minimal footprint, placing emphasis on your chosen showerheads and wet-wall.

What We Offer

Free Measurement and Design

We believe your tile and bathroom projects should be hassle-free and perfect the first time; that's why we offer free measurement and design services with all our tile and bathroom projects. Talk to one of our design team using the contact form available at the bottom of the page to start your renovation the right way, the Alchester Tiles and Bathrooms way.

Competitive Pricing

As an independent retailer with decades of experience, we have great relationships with our suppliers. This ensures speedy delivery, and fantastic pricing is always available for our customers. We also offer Free Delivery for all local orders, as well as order storage so that your products are only delivered to you exactly when you need them, and not well beforehand.

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