Types of Toilets

Here at Alchester Tiles and Bathrooms we hold a large stock of toilets that are suitable for nearly every use case. Depending on if you're going for a modern, minimalist theme, or something more traditional - you might need a different type of toilet. We've assembled this knowledge base to help you mae the right decision on what toilet is right for you.

This is the go-to choice for toilets - a well-proven and robust design that can work with nearly every aesthetic. These can be found in most UK homes.

Close Coupled Toilets

Popular with minimalist aesthetics, these toilets have their cistern hidden in the wall or a furniture unit - meaning they're also great for space-saving bathrooms.

Back To Wall Toilets

The ultimate for a clean look, wall hung toilets are hung entirely from the wall, with no connection to the floor. These often also have their cisterns hidden in the wall they're mounted to.

Wall Hung Toilets

We can also offer truly timeless, classic designs for those traditonally themed bathrooms. Classic designs tend to be more ornate and make a feature of the cistern and can often use polished metal pipes as a feature.

Classic Designs

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